ICD2 Programmer

ProgICD2 is a standalone PIC programmer application for Microchip’s ICD2 (or clone).


  1. Extract all files from archive to your preferred directory.
  2. Install Microchip ICD2 USB drivers.Search on google/forums if you don’t know how to do it.
    (if you already have MPLAB+ICD2 skip this step)
  3. Run ProgICD2.exe

Command line parameters

-P <PIC>       ; Microcontroller name (with/without "PIC" or "P" prefix)
-F <FileName>  ; File to program ( *.HEX , format INHX8M,INHX16,INHX32)
-W             ; Command: Write to PIC
-A             ; Autoload ICD2 firmware without user confirmation
-V             ; Do not power target device (VDD=0)
-Q             ; Close after programming 

Configuration files

Firmware files must be present in “\Firmware” subdirectory. To update, copy ICD????????.hex from latest “…\MPLAB Ide\Icd2\”

You can add new devices into file “ProgICD2.pic”. Proper values can be found in microcontroller datasheet and/or programming specifications.


[16F877A]            ; PIC Name without any literal prefix
Archt=16X            ; Architecture         ( 10X,16X,17X,18X,30X )
Firmw=01             ; ICD2 Firmware to use ( see Icd2.xml from MPLAB ICD2 )
FamID=04             ; ICD2 family ID       ( see Icd2.xml )
DevID=0E20           ; Device ID            ( if available )
MemPG=000000-001FFF  ; MemoryRange: Code
MemEE=000000-0000FF  ; MemoryRange: Eeprom
MemCF=002007-002007  ; MemoryRange: Configuration
MemUI=002000-002003  ; MemoryRange: User ID
MemDI=002006-002006  ; MemoryRange: Device ID
MemCA=               ; MemoryRange: Calibration


* Do not remove USB connector from ICD2 if application is still active
* If you see “Cannot open driver” error try to restart it (Disable/Enable) from Windows Device Manager

Tested on:
* Operating Systems: Win2K SP4, WinXP SP3, Win10 x64
* Microcontrollers : Some PIC16xxx and PIC18xxx


Software is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied.
Use it on your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by using this software.

This software is FREEWARE. You have permission to use, copy, modify and distribute for any purpose and without fee, while copyright notice, credits and disclaimer appear in all copies and supporting documentation.

“ProgICD2” is NOT affiliated with, supported by, or endorsed by Microchip !

“MPLAB”,”PIC”,”ICD2″ are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc.
“Windows” is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation


ProgICD2_v1.0_B440.zip (489.3 KiB)
MD5: 172ed15373f4158c41ae874224b6c930
(version 1.0 works only on 32-bits windows)
ProgICD2_v1.1_B450.zip (666.0 KiB)
MD5: 7daefcbcbf6495e04d1158ad160588b4
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