AltDVB server how to?

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AltDVB server how to?

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If I download altdvb server and run it on my pc. What I need to see tv on another side or another pc in my network using those ports as is written. How to make work that server to another pc in my network can watch it. Or can you build some dvb-t-s server for linux or independet OS to run it on stand alone pc and transfer all my dvb channels to my network. We have here 4 frequences so 4 tunners and everybody can watch what ever they want over network IPTV. What about this?
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Re: AltDVB server how to?

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I'm not sure if this is a solution, that you are searching for. AltDVB Device Server is a way to use device remotely, on the other PC.

Usage is fairly simple.
PC 1 = a PC, where device (a DVB card) is connected and normally this device can be used with AltDVB.
PC 2 = a PC (or laptop) where there's no DVB card connected.

Preparation of PC 1 to become a server:
  • download and extract contents of: ... to AltDVB working directory
  • run AltDVB_DevServer.exe (be sure that AltDVB itself is not running)
  • press "Setect" button, select device interface and device (a DVB card)
  • press "Start"
Preparation of PC 2 to become a client:
  • download and extract latest AltDVB release
  • download and extract contents of: ... to AltDVB directory
  • open file Dev_Network.cfg from Devices folder in any text editor (eg. Notepad) and create an entry, like this:

    Code: Select all

    ServerAddr=ip address of PC, where server is working
    DeviceType might be: DVBS (for satellite DVB-S/S2/S2X), DVBC (for DVB-C/C2), DVBT (for DVB-T/T2) or ATSC
  • launch AltDVB.exe
  • select Device: Dev_Network - you should see a device with name defined in Dev_Network.cfg
    As it can be seen - I've created 3 server entries. Up to 8 is supported.
  • select this device and you should be able to use DVB card from PC 1, scan channels, watch, use DiSEqC, plugins - just like on PC 1, but without need of a direct connection to DVB card
  • on PC 1 in AltDVB Server window there should be visible connection details and statistics for connection
  • both PC (or laptops) should be in the same local network or should be able to "see" each other
  • both PC (or laptops) should have ports 37000 and 37001 open, first one is using for communication, second for data streaming
  • when using a device (a DVB card tuner) on PC 2, it cannot be used at the same time at PC 1. But of course if we have a DVB card with multiple tuners - then every tuner might be used on it's own and then it will be possible to watch different things at two PC's at the same time
  • network connection has to be fast enough, because full Transport Stream is transmitted, for a very high datarate exceeding 100 Mbit/s too slow network might be a concern
So as you can see - it's not a classic IPTV streaming. It's a way for remotely using device with full control over it's work - on other PC, with AltDVB only. Channels are transmitted just like they are broadcasted, so encrypted etc. and on client side is to eg. decrypt them.

It's a very useful feature, giving ability to work remotely with DVB card and have full control over the device, it's much more than just watching, but if you are searching for a simple way to just stream a channel over local network and to be able to watch on different devices, with any media player - it's something different and not supported in AltDVB right now.
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