DVB-T2 app for android usb sticks

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DVB-T2 app for android usb sticks

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I've noticed that your software offers support for DVB-T. Can you adapt it to a simplified version to work on Android with some DVB-T2 USB sticks?
I have this stick :

https://www.edision.gr/en/detail/edi-co ... -usb-tuner

It works on Windows and only on older Android versions. The manufacturer hasn't updated the app for 3 years and the API is too old to work on newer Android versions (email confirmation from manufacturer). Also, in Germany, where I live, the terrestrial standard since 2018 is DVB-T2/H.265 & FULLHD which the older phones' hardware cannot cope with. Can you make your app work with official Android driver ?

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Re: DVB-T2 app for android usb sticks

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Sorry, but AltDVB is a windows only application.
Writing an Android application would be a very time-consuming task. Besides that, I didn't have enough experience in writing Android applications.

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