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Re: Screen Mode

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Please try revert to LAV Video Decoder - you can enable there HW acceleration and this should give even better results than with old Cyberlink ;)

To enable HW acceleration and get very low CPU on LAV Video:
- change decoder to LAV Video
- run channel
- right mouse button click on video, select DS Filters --> LAV Video Decoder
- on the right you will find Hardware Acceleration - select Hardware Decoder DXVA2 (copy-back)
- save settings
- restart AltDVB, should be OK now

I cannot make screenshot now, but it should look like this: ... Video1.png

Also LAV Audio can do AC3, so no need to use AC3Filter decoder.

LAV Video is currently the best and fastest decoder, should offer highest quality and should be much more stable, please try ;)

I'll try to check Cyberlink and reproduce issue, thanks for details ;)
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Re: Screen Mode

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that's ok ,
found the solution to fix picture freeze :
1. floating window (picture freeze) then
2. full screen (picture ok)

full screen direct picture freeze so you must do like above .
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Re: Screen Mode

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on my computer the best is this

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