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Xbox One Digital TV Tuner…on Windows

June 1, 2021 Comments off

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner is a pretty good DVB-C/T/T2 device with a very affordable price (I bought mine for about 8 Euros, shipping excluded). For some reasons Microsoft decided to not release a Windows drivers for it, so it was a logical addition to my newly published Dev_UsbDirect interface.

I tested the tuner on DVB-C and works well for SR 6900 and QAM64, but on QAM256 it loses packets from time to time. (you will see some video artefacts when this happens). I don’t know if this is a tuner/demodulator issue or is related to Dib0700 USB bridge and its firmware. Of course, your experience can vary depending on signal quality, USB controller, hardware revision, etc.

If you use the tuner for DVB-T2 terrestrial reception be sure to edit frequency list in AltDVB and change “Delivery Sys” to DVBT2, otherwise will not get the signal lock.

Download needed files and follow the installation guide from Dev_UsbDirect page.

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PIC18 Bootloader – Version 1.8

May 30, 2020 Comments off

A small update to PIC18 Bootloader which help porting it to larger/newer PICs.


  • you can define FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK_SIZE
  • support flash sizes larger than 64k
  • fixed I/O initialization bug for PIC18F25K50

The companion application was also updated to support the new BL features.

zip (43.6 KiB)
MD5: 5cf8303ab2044b3273187b9387e8ca89
zip (347.1 KiB)
MD5: 2f012d953415c448d057521344542877

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AltDVB Device Server

April 20, 2020 Comments off

This is an application used to remotely access a DVB device over TCP/IP. To install it extract the archive content into your AltDVB’s directory. The server is using one of the available interface libraries from .\Devices\ directory to access the DVB hardware. On network side, two TCP ports are used: one for commands (37000) and one for data (37001). You can change it by editing AltDVB_DevServer.cfg.

Warning: Be sure to stop the server if you want to use the same device directly in AltDVB !

To connect AltDVB to a remote server you have to manually edit Dev_Network.cfg. Please note that there is no autoreconnect feature: if the TCP/IP connection to the server is lost you have to restart the AltDVB.

zip (336.2 KiB)
MD5: a3fd76312984ad8eeaffafa7117ab0f1
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AltDVB non-BDA interfaces

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Here are some interface libraries to a non-BDA DVB devices. Use them only if the BDA version of the driver for that device is not available. Please note that I cannot test them from various reasons: missing PCI interface from new motherboard or I don’t own the device anymore.

  • – v2.3.0.198
    – access the hardware using vendor’s DwUsbApi.dll which must be present in AltDVB directory
  • – v2.3.0.200
    – for older Pinnacle PCTV Sat/ PCTV 400i / etc.
  • – v2.3.0.770
    – fixed DiSEqC command when using driver >= 4.4.0
    – config dialog built without VCL
  • – v2.3.0.294
    – need WDM drv. 2.19h (28.11.2006)
    – you have to copy “ttlcdacc.dll” (ver. >= into ..\AltDvb\Devices\
    – tested with S2-3200
zip (174.4 KiB)
MD5: bc61afd24cd67c53ebf00a472c6455f4

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Dev_BdaDriver – Version

January 19, 2020 Comments off


  • added DiSEqC, PLS & MIS support for TBS PCI-E devices
  • fixed DiSEqC for TBS USB devices

I think there is a driver issue with some TBS devices. After sending a DiSEqC command, the 22KHz tone is automatically set to ON causing the LNB to switch into HI band and loosing then transponder signal, if previously was in LO band. Of course, this only happens if the DiSEqC command is sent after the tuner is locked on the transponder, and is not noticeable if the DiSEqC commands are sent before setting the tuner.

I have tested on TBS-5520SE (USB) with driver v1.0.0.7 and TBS-6522 (PCI-E) with driver v1.0.1.2.
(many thanks to Mr. satelescu/satesco for borrowing the TBS-6522 device)

The setting TbsFix22KHz=1 from Dev_BdaDriver.cfg fixes the issue by sending TBSACCESS_22K with TBSBURST_OFF after the DiSEqC command, if the current TP is on LO band.

I already notified Mr.Steven from TBS Technology and he will verify the issue.

zip (48.4 KiB)
MD5: cc47783221de15f90157720330a11ea6

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