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Xbox One Digital TV Tuner…on Windows

June 1, 2021

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner is a pretty good DVB-C/T/T2 device with a very affordable price (I bought mine for about 8 Euros, shipping excluded). For some reasons Microsoft decided to not release a Windows drivers for it, so it was a logical addition to my newly published Dev_UsbDirect interface.

I tested the tuner on DVB-C and works well for SR 6900 and QAM64, but on QAM256 it loses packets from time to time. (you will see some video artefacts when this happens). I don’t know if this is a tuner/demodulator issue or is related to Dib0700 USB bridge and its firmware. Of course, your experience can vary depending on signal quality, USB controller, hardware revision, etc.

If you use the tuner for DVB-T2 terrestrial reception be sure to edit frequency list in AltDVB and change “Delivery Sys” to DVBT2, otherwise will not get the signal lock.

Download needed files and follow the installation guide from Dev_UsbDirect page.

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