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Dev_UsbDirect – An experimental hardware interface for AltDVB

May 30, 2021

This piece of software started as an experiment more than 13 years ago when I bought my first DVB USB device: Siemssen Opera DVB-S1. The existing driver did not work very well so I thought of using a universal USB driver from Cypress and accessing the device directly. I disassembled the device, noted the IC used and started looking for documentation. The programming of the demodulator STV0299 was simple and the full datasheet was available on the internet. Excited about the speed of new interface, I later added support for two other devices I own: DVBWorld Dw2102 and Dw2104. Later on, I replaced the Cypress CyUSB generic driver with WinUSB to be more compatible with recent windows versions.

For those brave enough to try this interface, here is the download link and a short installation guide:

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