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AltDVB version v2.4

May 3, 2021


  • hardware interface: maximum devices extended from 8 to 64
  • decapsulation of T2-MI streams
  • LAN streaming, with remote control for VLC 3.x and MPC-HC
  • unicode text for channel name, provider, EPG events. Characters decoding as described in ETSI-EN-300-468 (v1.16.1), using internal tables for char translation of ISO-6937 and ISO-8859-05..ISO-8859-15 and windows CodePages 20949, 20936 for KS-X-1001 (Korean), GB-2312 (Simplified Chinese)
  • channel’s internal structure was changed to allow max 32 ES, 32 CA and channel/provider name up to 127 chars (UTF8).File extension was changed from *.adcl to *.adch
  • screenshots button + hotkeys:
     [CTRL+S] = Current window
     [CTRL+SHIFT+S] = Video window
     [CTRL+ALT+S] = All app windows

Other changes:

  • added quick LOF settings for Ka Band, C Band Extended & X Band
  • allow plugins to alter TS packets (eg. Pow..Vu E m u)
  • option to select frequency units KHz/MHz (see Settings->General)
  • added detection of stream type 0x32 = VVC (no parsing/demuxing yet)
  • option to set default character set per transponder. Default: ISO-6937 DVB Superset
  • the buttons with key from main window are hidden if no plugins loaded and enabled
  • + changes in scanner window, scan result, channel tree and EPG. See full changelog

About T2-MI: If you don’t know the PID try to scan the transponder without decapsulation and check for channel with suggestive name or having elementary stream of type T2MI. Once the PID is known/guessed change decap to T2-MI, set the PID and retune transponder. Now open T2-MI status window and see if packets counter is increasing.If you receive good packets, without CRC errors, the PLP list should be populated. Select one, then rescan transponder for available channels on selected PLP.
For multiple PLPs, just duplicate the transponder and change the PLP value.
Thanks to satelescu for providing some of the T2-MI test streams.

Some hints for LAN streaming:

  • control of MPC-HC works only after modifying the hotkeys for “Close” to “C” (default is Ctrl-C) and for “Play” to “P” (default is none) , see MPC-HC: [Options]->[Player]->[Keys]
  • a multicast IP address is mandatory if you want to stream simultaneously to multiple applications
  • you can close/disable main video without affecting streaming

I’ve added a setting for default charset set per transponder. Some providers are using non-default (ISO-6937) encoding for channel names and EPG without proper signaling of character table.
If the text is unreadable or has missing diacritics you know what the problem is 🙂 Try to guess the encoding and rescan the transponder !
Example: Greek package from HotBird 12169,H. The texts are encoded using ISO-8859-07.

As you can see in changelog above, the channels file structure was changed to make space for more elementary streams and longer names. If you want to keep your v2.3 channels please use Mr.Orbita’s conversion tool from here https://mr-orbita.pl/altdvb/ADCLtoADCH_v1.0.zip

Other binaries included in the arhive:

Thank you Mr.Orbita for all your support, improvements ideas and thorough testing !

AltDVB_v2.4_B5488.zip (11.4 MiB)
MD5: 926b0bccc10eaed12e448f32cf4de258

As usually, comments & feedback in the forum !

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