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AltDVB version v2.4

May 3, 2021 Comments off


  • hardware interface: maximum devices extended from 8 to 64
  • decapsulation of T2-MI streams
  • LAN streaming, with remote control for VLC 3.x and MPC-HC
  • unicode text for channel name, provider, EPG events. Characters decoding as described in ETSI-EN-300-468 (v1.16.1), using internal tables for char translation of ISO-6937 and ISO-8859-05..ISO-8859-15 and windows CodePages 20949, 20936 for KS-X-1001 (Korean), GB-2312 (Simplified Chinese)
  • channel’s internal structure was changed to allow max 32 ES, 32 CA and channel/provider name up to 127 chars (UTF8).File extension was changed from *.adcl to *.adch
  • screenshots button + hotkeys:
     [CTRL+S] = Current window
     [CTRL+SHIFT+S] = Video window
     [CTRL+ALT+S] = All app windows

Other changes:

  • added quick LOF settings for Ka Band, C Band Extended & X Band
  • allow plugins to alter TS packets (eg. Pow..Vu E m u)
  • option to select frequency units KHz/MHz (see Settings->General)
  • added detection of stream type 0x32 = VVC (no parsing/demuxing yet)
  • option to set default character set per transponder. Default: ISO-6937 DVB Superset
  • the buttons with key from main window are hidden if no plugins loaded and enabled
  • + changes in scanner window, scan result, channel tree and EPG. See full changelog

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