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Dev_StreamRead – AltDVB interface to StreamReader.dll

May 17, 2020

I wrote a simple interface to the StreamReader.dll library. Most of the tuner parameters (Modulation, FEC, MIS/PLS, Rolloff, Pilot) are sent to the dll if there is a correspondence between my internal coding and values expected by library. Raw DiSEqC is also supported,if hardware has this capability.
Download and extract it into the .\AltDVB\Devices folder.

Dev_StreamRead_v2.3.0.17.zip (22.6 KiB)
MD5: 35939c9ba17e25cb855f0dcaca371cf0

You also have to download the StreamReader.dll and extract it into AltDVB folder.
…or the latest test version from here:

Many thanks to Crazycat for his nice and complex piece of software !

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