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PIC18 Bootloader – Version 1.8

May 30, 2020 Comments off

A small update to PIC18 Bootloader which help porting it to larger/newer PICs.


  • you can define FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK_SIZE
  • support flash sizes larger than 64k
  • fixed I/O initialization bug for PIC18F25K50

The companion application was also updated to support the new BL features.

zip (43.6 KiB)
MD5: 5cf8303ab2044b3273187b9387e8ca89
zip (347.1 KiB)
MD5: 2f012d953415c448d057521344542877

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Dev_StreamRead – AltDVB interface to StreamReader.dll

May 17, 2020 Comments off

I wrote a simple interface to the StreamReader.dll library. Most of the tuner parameters (Modulation, FEC, MIS/PLS, Rolloff, Pilot) are sent to the dll if there is a correspondence between my internal coding and values expected by library. Raw DiSEqC is also supported,if hardware has this capability.
Download and extract it into the .\AltDVB\Devices folder.

zip (22.6 KiB)
MD5: 35939c9ba17e25cb855f0dcaca371cf0

You also have to download the StreamReader.dll and extract it into AltDVB folder.
…or the latest test version from here:

Many thanks to Crazycat for his nice and complex piece of software !

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