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AltDVB non-BDA interfaces

April 20, 2020

Here are some interface libraries to a non-BDA DVB devices. Use them only if the BDA version of the driver for that device is not available. Please note that I cannot test them from various reasons: missing PCI interface from new motherboard or I don’t own the device anymore.

  • Dev_DvbWorld.int – v2.3.0.198
    – access the hardware using vendor’s DwUsbApi.dll which must be present in AltDVB directory
  • Dev_Pinnacle.int – v2.3.0.200
    – for older Pinnacle PCTV Sat/ PCTV 400i / etc.
  • Dev_SkyStar2.int – v2.3.0.770
    – fixed DiSEqC command when using driver >= 4.4.0
    – config dialog built without VCL
  • Dev_TTBudget.int – v2.3.0.294
    – need WDM drv. 2.19h (28.11.2006)
    – you have to copy “ttlcdacc.dll” (ver. >= into ..\AltDvb\Devices\
    – tested with S2-3200
AltDVB_v2.3_NonBDA_Interfaces.zip (174.4 KiB)
MD5: bc61afd24cd67c53ebf00a472c6455f4

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