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Dev_BdaDriver – Version

January 19, 2020


  • added DiSEqC, PLS & MIS support for TBS PCI-E devices
  • fixed DiSEqC for TBS USB devices

I think there is a driver issue with some TBS devices. After sending a DiSEqC command, the 22KHz tone is automatically set to ON causing the LNB to switch into HI band and loosing then transponder signal, if previously was in LO band. Of course, this only happens if the DiSEqC command is sent after the tuner is locked on the transponder, and is not noticeable if the DiSEqC commands are sent before setting the tuner.

I have tested on TBS-5520SE (USB) with driver v1.0.0.7 and TBS-6522 (PCI-E) with driver v1.0.1.2.
(many thanks to Mr. satelescu/satesco for borrowing the TBS-6522 device)

The setting TbsFix22KHz=1 from Dev_BdaDriver.cfg fixes the issue by sending TBSACCESS_22K with TBSBURST_OFF after the DiSEqC command, if the current TP is on LO band.

I already notified Mr.Steven from TBS Technology and he will verify the issue.

Dev_BdaDriver_v2.3.0.435.zip (48.4 KiB)
MD5: cc47783221de15f90157720330a11ea6

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